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​Hello, my name is Keisha Love, I am a 36 year native of Savannah, Ga. I moved to Clarksville in 2009, by the way of my best friend and her family being stationed at Fort Campbell Army Post. Being down on my luck in Savannah, I desperately needed a change. The opportunity was given to me to make a change, not only in my surroundings but in my career choice also.

In 2009, I began my journey to be successful, with only one thing in mind, not to move back to Savannah and to make the best of this opportunity because I didn’t want to go back to a place that I was not growing and meeting my full potential.

As I journeyed through life, I worked to make a daily living and found love and happiness. For a while I was ok with that just because I was in a better environment and a place to make a difference in my life. It was great, working two jobs, but I soon realized I needed something more.

I decided to enroll in school at Miller Motte Technical College. I wanted a career in something I loved, taking care  of and helping people. But soon that came with obstacles I had to overcome. Being almost hindered from graduating, I came out on top, and in 2014, I obtained my Associates in Medical Assisting, with Magna Cum Laude Honors, and was privileged to speak to my graduating class. Such an empowering moment! There was nothing I knew I couldn’t do, if I didn’t try until all options were exhausted.

During the hustle and grind of school and work, my great friend started his fitness program called H.Y.P.R., which changed my life inside and out. From a child, I always had passion for fitness, from jogging with the runners on televised marathons to doing triceps dips with my grandmothers walker, I always enjoyed fitness, but with life, it was pushed to the back burner. I gained so much weight, unknowingly. When he started H.Y.P.R., I didn’t stop.

I started his program at 259 pounds, Morbidly Obese. I worked hard, committed to the program and dedicated myself to lose the weight, not only to look better but to feel better. With all the work, I didn’t know it was silently turning into a lifestyle that I live by religiously. I worked to become who I am today, 165 pounds(on a good day), and still working.

After a recent downsize, at the medical office that I was actively working at as a Certified Medical Assistant, I decided to make fitness my career with the hopes of changing someone’s life just as mine has been changed.

Fitness has become a way of life. Allow me to help you overcome obstacles that may hinder, discourage, or just won’t let you pursue the goal of having a fit and healthy you.

No two person story is the same, but when two people put their mind together, goals can be accomplished.

I can help you accomplish your health and fitness. Keep you on track, gueide you to the best quality of life possible.

I have your back every step of the way through your journey to a better, greater you!!

Trust Protégé Phiitness with your Phiitness goals!​

Who is Protégé Phiitness?

"...Changing Lives, One Rep

at a Time..."

​​​​Protégé Phiitness is a mobile, fun, affordable, invigorating fitness program that uses everything from your own body weight to state-of-the-art fitness equipment to help reach all fitness goals one desires to meet.

Protégé Phiitness High Intensity Interval Training, Total Body Cardio, Strength and Endurance Training, CrossPhiit, Boxing, Plyometric, Calistethics, Karma-Eating Diet Plan, and a host of different types of workouts that involve all parts of the body to reach maximum results.

Protégé Phiitness boosts self-esteem by allowing you to live comfortable, confident, and more in the skin you in and the new body you worked hard for.

Protégé Phiitness is an outlet for stress and frustration, counseling, mentor, a time for good vibes followed with a great workout.

Protégé Phiitness is a program that not only reconstructs the outside appearance but it also improves physiological structures as well.  Long term effects of healthy weight loss and lifestyle such as, stabilizing, maintaining normal blood pressure and glucose levels. Improving blood lipid levels preventing the chance of being diagnosed with diseases like Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, other Thyroid Issues, Kidney, Liver, and Heart Disease, just to name a few. Having a healthy lifestyle can also prevent some cancers from forming in the body due to the lack of healthy diet and exercise.

Protégé Phiitness also enhances chemicals normal secreted by the body that creates more mental focus, decreases anxiety and depression, better attitude and overall better quality of life.


Lastly, Protégé Phiitness is just is says. We all have something we look up to, something that we want to become in life that we are graciously given to take advantage of and make full use of our body. So, if you desire a Phiit Body and better life quality? With Dedication and Willingness, Protégé Phiitness will give you everything you want and more.



Protégé Phiitness!

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What is Protégé Phiitness ?